Bridge Program

Bridge provides a direct path to employment in the construction industry. Over the course of just nine weeks, Bridge students receive the training and support they need to enter an apprenticeship program and start their construction careers.

The primary purpose of this program is to propel students into high-wage jobs that can change the trajectory of their lives. As with our YouthBuild program, Bridge is a relationship-based program rooted in equitable practices.

Who Is This

Program For?

Bridge is designed for those who:

    • Are between the ages of 18-26
    • Have completed high school with a GED or diploma
    • Have a strong desire to work in the construction industry
    • Are motivated to make a positive change in their lives
    • Are ready to commit to working hard to achieve their goals

    Construction Training

    Our Bridge program builds on PYB’s long history as a pre-apprenticeship training program, licensed general contractor, and builder of affordable homes. Through intensive classroom instruction and hands-on training, Bridge students gain a solid understanding in all aspects of residential construction, from pouring foundations to installing interior finishes.

    It doesn’t matter whether you’ve held a hammer or not… we teach students the basics in just nine weeks so that they are prepared to enter an apprenticeship program after they leave PYB. Classes are taught by PYB’s own journey-level tradespeople who all have significant experience teaching and working in the construction industry.

    Because the timeframe for this training program is less than three months long, Bridge students need to be prepared to learn at a fast pace. An excellent student-to-staff ratio allows us to personalize parts of our program based on each students’ experience with construction and their own career goals.

    Counseling And Leadership Development

    Bridge students have a team of staff working alongside them to help them reach their goals. For those students who are facing critical barriers to achieving those goals, PYB can help. Financial incentives and access to emergency funds, if necessary, are often enough to help provide stability. If barriers are more significant, students can access more support through our own counseling staff or with connections to outside resources.

    Leadership opportunities are plentiful on the jobsite. Bridge students who are highly motivated can apply for a “job lead” position, a position of higher responsibility and authority on the construction site that helps prepare students for eventual leadership roles in the working world.

      Career Development

      Because our Bridge students come to us with a clear career goal in mind, career development for these students becomes much more focused, much more quickly. Bridge students are exposed to many different apprenticeship programs in Portland and beyond to help them decide which one is right for them. Whether a student is preparing for an apprenticeship as a laborer, carpenter, ironworker, electrician, or any other trade, their career coach and construction trainer are right there to help make it a smooth transition between finishing Bridge and starting their apprenticeship.

      Students receive career counseling and apprenticeship selection support, which includes helping them prepare for the challenges and opportunities in the construction industry, as well as a monthly stipend.

        Long Term Support

        For our Bridge students, PYB’s long term support revolves around doing everything we can to help them journey out of their apprenticeship program or stay employed in the industry. We serve as a resource for our graduates, their apprenticeship programs, and their employers. Apprenticeship programs can take up to four years to complete, so it’s possible for Bridge

        students to remain in close contact with their career coach and construction trainer long after they have left PYB.

        Become a Student

        Does Bridge sound like it could be the right program for you, or someone you know? If you areĀ looking for help starting your construction career, get in touch to learn more about our program and to see if you’re eligible. You could be on your way to a high-paying job in construction in just three months!