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At PYB, our students are our number one priority. Our employees are our biggest asset.

Portland YouthBuilders is an award-winning nonprofit organization serving an extraordinary community of students and graduates. Our staff are a community of caring professionals united by the desire to help young people succeed. We each bring different lived experiences and perspectives to PYB, but we find our way here for the same reason – to do all we can to support the growth of our students as they work to make positive changes in their lives.

PYB firmly believes that Black lives matter. We are deeply committed to continuously working to make our organization a more equitable and just place for both students and staff. For many years we have been, and will continue to be, working on issues of equity as it relates to race, gender, and sexual identity. We are constantly learning and improving in this regard.

As noted in our equity statement, at PYB we believe that communities are strengthened when diversity is honored. We believe we have a responsibility to interrupt and confront inequity. We commit to continuously reflect and challenge the ways in which we, as a community and as individuals, perpetuate inequity. It is not only vital to our students’ success but essential to our purpose.

While the honor of working with our inspiring students and alumni is its own reward, jobs at Portland YouthBuilders also offer competitive wages and excellent benefits, including a generous vacation plan and a dog-friendly workplace. The average tenure of our full time staff is over five years.

We are a proud member of the 100 Best Nonprofits to Work For in Oregon Hall of Fame, and we have been named one of the 100 Best Green Companies in Oregon nearly ten years in a row.

Portland YouthBuilders Jobs

Americorps Technology Support Specialist

Full-time Americorps position. Applications accepted until the position has been filled.