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Tanya's Story

Tanya is a 22 year old mother who’s work ethic, dedication, and selflessness helped her to succeed at PYB and begin to create a better life for her family. Tanya came to PYB so that she could pave the way for her to get into college to study Social Work.

While at PYB, Tanya worked two jobs to support her two children. She would work graveyard shifts as a caretaker, go home to get her kids ready for school, and then come straight to PYB for her academic lessons. On some days she would even have a shift at another part-time job immediately after PYB.

Despite these challenges, Tanya says, "I always felt supported at PYB in a way that I'd never experienced in an academic setting before." Thanks to Tanya’s dedication, and the individualized support that PYB was able to provide, Tanya earned her GED and was able to make access to college a reality.

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