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Keenen 's Story

College and a stable future were distant dreams when Keenen enrolled at PYB. After dropping out of high school several times, with no diploma and no job, Keenen was a typical PYB applicant. Keenen didn't know if he could "make it" at PYB; he was uncertain whether he had the discipline to thrive in the strict environment.

Keenen not only “made it” at PYB, he created a future for himself that exceeded his dreams. He chose a path that has not only helped him finish high school when he had depleted his opportunities in the public school system, but also put him in college and into a solid part-time, living wage job. Keenen credits earning the GED as the turning point. “Without PYB, I would not have had the chance to change my future.” Now enrolled at Portland Community College, he is pursuing an Associate degree in video production. He is also working part-time as an account representative at a consulting firm focusing on B2B marketing and search engine optimization, a position he was offered after completing a highly successful internship facilitated by PYB.

Keenen does not take his achievements for granted, but he also knows that earning his GED at PYB was just the start of the path that has made him the first person in his family to enter college. He plans to transfer to a four-year university after completing his Associate degree, aiming high for a career in the film industry.

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