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Erin's Story

Erin was a strong student in the traditional school system, but outside pressures made it difficult for her to stay and succeed in school. As Erin explains, “I’ve always been very strong in school and I always took pride in that, but after a while I just couldn’t take the stress. I went from straight A’s to straight F’s, and that for me was one of the toughest moments.” Erin ultimately did not find the support that she wanted or needed in high school and dropped out about one year ago.

PYB provided a different school experience for Erin. She says, “The teachers at PYB are there to push you. They’re there to help you strive to better yourself. I saw that things COULD get better, especially after coming to PYB. Even after one day, I knew that if I tried a little harder and stuck it out til the end things would get a lot better.” 

Erin is currently just a few credits shy of earning her high school diploma at PYB and plans to have a career as an elementary school teacher. 

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