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Ashlyn's Story

Ashlyn began the Bridge program as the only woman in the program, with no previous construction experience. In her first two days, she became discouraged as she struggled to complete some of the hand-tool tasks that others in the program were doing seemingly without difficulty. She voiced to her trainer, Sean Parks, that she already felt incredibly behind and that she felt not as skilled, strong, or smart as the other participants. In tears, she was on the verge of quitting by the middle of day two.

Through a conversation with Sean, she decided to stick it out. Sean reassured her that she was perfectly capable, and that she just needed familiarity with the tools and the work, which this program was designed to give her. As time passed, Ashlyn quickly gained confidence, taking on a “job lead” role within a few weeks. Through her perseverance, Ashlyn was able to complete the Bridge program and earn her BOLI certificate. Now PYB is continuing to work with Ashlyn as she explores the possibility of entering into the electrical or carpentry fields.  

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