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Everyone's struggles are different, but our goals are the same. To change our lives, this is why we came. The things we gave up, the things we regret Are all in the past and we shouldn't forget We are in this together to fix our own lives, To move forward and prosper, to make things right.

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Mar 30 2015

Spring Planting Begins in PYB's Garden

Spring Planting Begins in PYB's Garden

Through a generous in-kind donation from Tony's Garden Center, construction students were able to plant lettuce and kale starts this month in PYB's garden.

As an ongoing project, the goal of the PYB garden is to serve as an outdoor classroom in conjunction with the current nutrition education program.

Along with planting the lettuce and kale, students also planted onions, fava beans, peas and raspberries. Construction students began the garden preparations by weeding, turning soil, and building a sturdy trellis made of wood and wire. Students and staff will continue working in the garden on a bi-weekly basis.

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